Vaughn Student Ambassadors: Pat – “Time of Your Life”


I put in my two-weeks notice at Expeditors, where I was interning this semester, so that I could stay in Rochester, NY this summer. At first, I was hesitant to put in my two-weeks, because I wanted to stay in the city; but instead I am going to spend my summer in Rochester, where I can prep for my busy upcoming semester, and obtain a summer job with friends.

My original plan was to work around the city, but finding an apartment is difficult, especially when you need to find parking for a car. Not all plans work out; this is why we have backup plans. When I gave my notice, I made sure to send it to my supervisor along with our co-leader in my team. I let them know that I appreciated the time and experience they have given me. Every internship and connection you make counts for something. I let them know that if possible, I would be interested in joining them upon my arrival, next semester. I really enjoyed working with them, and saw this job as a way of getting my foot in the door in the management industry. In the future, I may also use them as a reference.

When the day came to leave, I made sure to say my goodbyes once my clockwork ended. I thanked everyone, shook hands and hugged my coworkers. I then approached Chris, (my co-leader) asking if I could use him as a future reference. This is the best possible way I could have imagined leaving Expeditors. Make your connections, give it your all and make sure it’s with a smile because being happy has positive outcomes.

I packed my belongings, and left Vaughn College once I finished my finals. There are so many things to focus on when packing to leave for the summer. There are even more things to throw away, because not everything will fit in my car. It’s best to pack light, but nothing ever works out as planned. Living in a quad with people you’re close friends with can build up a lot of unnecessary things: a lawn angel, stop sign, beach balls; these are memories that I would like to bring home, but I can’t unfortunately because of the lack of space. The best part of packing is going through everything and looking at all the memories you made throughout the semester. I would say the best part about this semester ending is knowing there will be another one.

My last weekend was on the beach and walking around central park. The best part about going to Vaughn and living so close to the heart of NYC is knowing that public transportation can take you anywhere. Wherever you go it’s always an adventure for the best memories you’ll ever have… Through the good and the bad, they were all memories, and like many people say this is truly the best time of your life. I’m grateful to have another chapter in my book complete, and am looking forward to the next.

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