Vaughn Student Ambassadors: Pat – “Opening Doors”


PhotoGrid_1448032150658I’m finding, as graduation approaches, that there are no breaks for college seniors. I’m currently juggling classes, commuting and working at JFK Airport as a security coordinator; a position I landed after making a connection at Vaughn College’s career fair. It’s a busy year, but it’s exciting.

At JFK, I’m responsible for many different projects and tasks revolving around the aviation industry. In addition, I work on weekly car audits, and ensure parking safety in specific lots. I also grant security access in different areas of the terminal. Lastly, I cover the signing approvals of escort forms for visitors such as construction workers and other companies contracted by the airport. This job has given me the opportunity to view aviation on a whole new level, and to experience airport management firsthand, bringing my classes at Vaughn to life in a really valuable way.

Getting this job was not simple. I knew I had to stand out as an applicant to land this internship. There were many other people applying for the position, including several other Vaughn students. I was confident with my application, because of the great resources available through Vaughn. I consulted with the office of career services when I was compiling my resume and scheduled mock interviews to help build my confidence. When my JFK interview arrived I presented myself well, had a great resume, and gave a memorable interview. Sure enough, they called me back, and I started my paid internship immediately.

When one door closes, another one opens. Graduation is approaching, and the rest of my life is about to begin. I’m so thankful for the experiences and connections I’ve made with the help of Vaughn College. I know this job is the start of an exciting career.

One thought on “Vaughn Student Ambassadors: Pat – “Opening Doors”

  1. Sharon DeVivo

    You are so ready for the next step and we will definitely miss having you as part of the Vaughn community. As an alum, you are entitled to lifelong career placement services, so we will always be here if you need us! Thank you for being a terrific representative for Vaughn and paving the way for other students!



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