Vaughn Student Ambassadors: Lisa – “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done”



Flying is the best thing I’ve ever done. Being in an airplane several thousand feet above the ground is where I find peace. I know lots of people who are terrified of flying – my grandfather is one of them – but not me, flying is my bliss. Flying will make my day, week, even month a thousand times better.

My goal for 2015 was to complete my private pilot training and receive my private pilot certificate. I can proudly say that, even with all the obstacles in my way, I spent my Thanksgiving break being incredibly thankful for achieving the first of many more certifications to come. I am thankful to my parents who have always supported me, and to everyone who in every little way made this possible: Instructors, classmates, friends. Thank you for the continuous courage and for answering my questions! I am very happy and proud to officially be a part of this wonderful industry and can’t wait for all the challenges to come my way!

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